K-12 School Safety Solutions

Discover The Best K-12 School Safety Solutions

K-12 school safety solutions that can help educational administrators keep their school communities safe are a key focus for the Intrado SchoolMessenger team. See what we have to offer today.

K-12 School Safety Technology Solutions

For many years, we've provided technologies that help keep students, staff, and campuses protected. Find out how our K-12 safety solutions can enhance your threat response and emergency management capabilities.

  • Featured Solution: Intrado Safety Shield

    A complete solution for preventing and responding to safety threats

    Intrado Safety Shield offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you improve your emergency response capabilities. Built on the foundation of deep experience with 9-1-1 and school communication technologies, Intrado Safety Shield can help you respond to virtually any kind of threat.

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  • SafeMail

    Advanced monitoring and filtering for G Suite and O365 users

    Traditional internet filters aren't built to handle the modern applications found in G Suite For Education or Office 365 Education. Intrado SchoolMessenger SafeMail and its monitoring and filtering tools are the answer.

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  • SafeArrival

    Speeds up attendance management to enhance student safety

    Manual ways of taking attendance consume huge amounts of staff time and can keep schools from recognizing when students are missing. Intrado SchoolMessenger SafeArrival helps you account for students faster.

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  • School Emergency Alerts

    Reliable notifications that keep parents informed about any urgent situation

    When weather emergencies, lockdowns, and other crises affect your campuses, a reliable notification system is a must. Learn more about our robust school emergency alert capabilities.

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  • SecureFile

    Electronically deliver sensitive documents safely and securely

    Sensitive student data like test scores, report cards, and schedules demand a higher level of protection. Use Intrado SchoolMessenger SecureFile to send them to parents safely and securely.

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K-12 School Safety Best Practice Resources

In addition to offering some of the best school safety solutions in K-12 education, we've also offered free best practice resources - authored by some of the most-experienced experts in the field - on a wide range of issues for many years. Learn more about these outstanding resources today.