Intrado Safety Shield

The Unmatched Set Of Tools That Keeps Educational Communities Protected

Intrado Safety Shield title=Intrado Safety Shield offers a comprehensive set of tools to help you prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from almost any kind of safety threat.

Unlike other solutions that only address one aspect of safety, Intrado Safety Shield helps you close safety and security gaps with its complete set of capabilities.

Find out why schools are selecting Intrado Safety Shield to protect their campuses and keep students and staff safe.

Guard Against All Kinds Of Threats

In today’s world, schools are vulnerable to a wide range of safety threats, and it's a tough job to prevent threats from turning into emergencies. Intrado Safety Shield can help you protect against all of these kinds of threats and more.

Unmatched Tools & Capabilities

Intrado Safety Shield enables end-to-end safety management. It provides school leaders with all the tools they need to manage all of the various aspects of school safety and emergency response - and does so from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Unmatched Experience

Intrado has a wealth of experience in both emergency and school communications that other providers simply cannot match. Take a look at the following stats to see why you can trust us with your school safety management needs.

Praise & Accolades For Intrado Safety Shield

What Customers Are Saying

"We see Intrado Safety Shield as a vital link in our safety planning and emergency response capabilities to keep staff and students safe wherever they are on our 100-plus acre campus."

- Becki Ryder, Technology Integration Coordinator, Linton Hall School, Bristow, Virginia

"We are using Intrado Safety Shield to reassure students, parents, staff, and the community that we are taking the necessary measures and precautions to provide a safe environment for our students and staff. Intrado Safety Shield will also allow us to work closely with our local police department and respond immediately to lockdowns, emergencies, and evacuation situations at all schools and buildings within our district."

- JoAnne Colacurcio, Supervisor of Instructional Technology, Millville Public Schools, Millville, New Jersey

Industry Awards

2022 Campus Safety Magazine BEST Awards: Best Panic Alarm

2022 Campus Safety Magazine BEST Awards: Best Personal Safety App

2021 Edtech Digest Awards: Best Security Solution

2021 American Security Today Awards: Best Risk & Crisis Management Solution

2021 Campus Safety Magazine BEST Awards: Best Personal Safety App

2020 Mobile Star Awards: Best Mobile App For Schools

2020 Mobile Star Awards: Innovative Mobile COVID-19 Prevention and Response

2020 Mobile Star Awards: Innovative Mobile Mass Notification Service

2020 American Security Today Awards: "Best COVID-19 Emergency Response Solution" Category - Gold Award Winner

2020 American Security Today Awards: "Best COVID-19 Communications Solution" Category - Gold Award Winner

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