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Advanced Filtering and Human Monitoring Services for G Suite and Office 365

SchoolMessenger SafeMail has uncovered thousands of examples of inappropriate student use of technology: sexting in Morse code over Google Chat, using Google Docs to exchange pornographic images, emailing classmates to announce a planned suicide or fight, and much more.

These situations may sound outlandish, but they’re more common than you might think. In fact, SafeMail flags and reports an average of six student situations per school per month. And existing email and web filtering solutions aren’t built to address newer communications tools like those found in G Suite for Education or Office 365 for Education – which means that you could be missing otherwise preventable incidents that harm students.

Discover the multiple layers of protection offered by SchoolMessenger SafeMail.

  • Filtering For Today's Communications Tools

    Many districts try to keep students safe online by limiting student email to the school domain or using an Internet filter to prevent access to pornographic websites. Unfortunately, these solutions may not address the risks brought on by new communications tools like chat and document collaboration found within G Suite and Office 365. Traditional filters also can't "see" pornographic or obscene content contained within image or video files. These gaps in protection can prevent school filters from identifying when students consume or exchange inappropriate content and leave schools vulnerable to legal compliance risks. SchoolMessenger SafeMail, by contrast, is built to integrate with G Suite and Office 365 and filter all student interactions that happen on these platforms.

  • Human Monitoring System for Student Email Safety

    Each month, SchoolMessenger SafeMail’s Human Monitoring System (HMS) flags and reports an average of six student emergencies per school, including issues like suicide, sexuality, violence, interpersonal conflict, and more. Our highly-trained HMS team reviews flagged content sent by students and alerts you when troubling issues arise. Thanks to SchoolMessenger SafeMail, schools are able to proactively deal with potential threats to school safety and behavioral issues.

  • Tools to Help Maintain Legal Compliance

    SchoolMessenger SafeMail offers a broad range of features that help bring school email systems in line with government regulations on student Internet safety. SafeMail's advanced image and video filters help U.S. schools achieve CIPA compliance. Our Walled Garden Filter is designed to help U.S. schools achieve COPPA compliance. Our Internet Safety Module helps U.S. schools meet CIPA requirements on student Internet safety education. And our archiving configuration services help schools meet legal requirements for data retention. With SchoolMessenger SafeMail’s tools, you can help ensure your unique legal compliance requirements are met.

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